Wills & Estates

Are your affairs in order in the event of your unexpected death?

Do you have a valid will? Statistics show 60% of people die without a valid will.

You should review your will at least every five years to take into account any changes in circumstances or legislation.

Do you have an Enduring Power of Attorney?

If not, a person you don't know in a government department will make your most personal and important decisions for you if you are in a coma or are deemed to lack capacity.

Have you had advice in relation to administering or contesting an estate or how to minimise the chances of your will being contested?

Would you like to receive advice on how to how to minimise tax for your beneficiaries and to protect their inheritance from family law or creditors proceedings?

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Estate Litigation

Have you been left out of a will?

Did the willmaker have full capacity and of sound mind at the time of making the will?

Do you think there was undue influence by someone on the willmaker to have gifts left to them or to leave you out of the will or to reduce your entitlement?

There is a widely held expectation that spouses, children and other dependants should be provided for in an estate. Macdonald Law solicitors are experienced in prosecuting claims for better provision out of a will.

First consultation free. Your matter will be assessed and may be taken on a ‘NO WIN. NO FEE’ basis.

If successful, your legal costs may be ordered to be paid by another party to the litigation.

For more information about this service:

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