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Macdonald Law solicitors Shane Macdonald and Jag MacDonald share the duty lawyer service at the Toowoomba, Oakey, Pittsworth and Milmerran courts. The duty lawyer service gives people charged with more serious offences the opportunity for some basic advice and representation on their first day at court. This means that they both get a lot of experience appearing in criminal matters before the court in all types of charges. So, if your liberty is at stake and the criminal record that you will carry with you for life, wouldn't it make sense to have a solicitor that regularly appears before the courts in criminal law matters?

Macdonald Law have represented clients in all manner of offences from murder, rape and dangerous driving causing death to traffic offences such as drink driving and work licence aplications.

Give yourself the best chance of fighting the charges against you and remember, never speak to the police, even informally, without a solictor present. Police generally have hidden tape recorders on them recording every conversation from the moment they knock on your door or pull you over.

In our experience, in all the stress of the situation, people can unknowingly say someting that may be an innocent remark but can be taken the wrong way by a judge or a jury and lead to a conviction where one would not have otherwise been obtained.

We have many funding options available including Legal Aid to clients that meet their guidelines for funding.

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