What are your opening hours?

MacDonald Law is now open 7 Days a week. 

We open 8:30am until 5:00pm Monday to Friday, 9:00am until 5:00pm on Saturdays and from 10:00am until 2:00pm on Sundays although we do close some long weekends and public holidays. However, whenever our office is closed our phone diverts to an on call person who can provide assistance. 

Macdonald Law has informally seen clients on weekends for many years, since 2012 our Toowoomba office has been formally open 7 days a week. With the changing world and people working differing hours, we believe that this service is needed. We believe that we are the first law firm in Queensland to open 7 days per week but probably won't be the last. Do you remember when petrol stations and chemists didn't open Sundays? It would be hard to imagine them not being open now. We suspect it will be the same for law firms in a few years.

What if I am unable to come to your office?

If you are unable to attend MacDonald Law's offices, we may be able to come to you. We regularly see clients at home, at hospitals and aged care facilities, and in custody.

We can also have appointments by telephone or Skype.

If you require a solicitor to visit you, please ring 07 4638 9433 and enquire about our off-site services.

What areas do you service and where do attend to see clients?

MacDonald Law has offices in Brisbane and Toowoomba. However, we regularly visit other towns to see clients. These include Chinchilla, Roma, Dalby, Gatton, Warwick and Stanthorpe. 

We are also able to have appointments by telephone or Skype for clients that are in remote locations or we are unable to attend upon. 

We are able to deal with matters all over Queensland but have also attended courts in NSW and Victoria. 

I am the executor of a deceased estate. What I am supposed to do?

The executor of a deceased estate is a very important role. You could be responsible for ensuring that beneficiaries receive that which they are provided for in the will. You could be responsible for ensuring that dependents are looked after and provided for and be a guardian or trustee for them.

Administering a deceased estate can be a challenging and stressful job. You should seek professional assistance form an experienced solicitor to help you do the job properly, and ensure that you are acting in accordance with the will and in accordance with all laws.

Executors have been sued in the past for not administering an estate properly. 

Legal fees in relation to an estate are bound to be paid for out of estate funds but did you know that executors can also claim a commission of a percentage of the estate in certain circumstances?

I have been accused of a criminal offence. What should I do?

If you have been arrested or are otherwise accused of a criminal act, we recommend that you seek legal advice immediately. Ensure you advise the police that you wish to seek counsel before answering any questions aside from confirming your identity.

Our standard advice is to exercise your right to remain silent.

We can be contacted any time on 07 4638 9433 should you require advice on a criminal matter.

How do you structure your fees?

The legal profession has adopted a number of fee structures, including fixed price fees, "no win no fee" and hourly billing. Different types of matters will be eligible for different fee arrangements. For more information, click here to visit our "costs" page, or enquire about fee structures during your free initial consultation.