MacDonald Law takes pride in offering flexible fee arrangements that suit the wide variety of matters we deal with and the wide variety of clients for whom we work. We pride ourselves of offering fair, value based pricing and wherever possible giving you upfront indications of what your matter could cost.

For some matters we can provide fixed fee quotes (see list below of example fixed fee matters). In other cases we might give you an indication and keep you appraised as the matter proceeds. If you are expecting to receive funds from a settlement or litigation, we may be able to enter into a deferred fee agreement so that we can represent you immediately and receive funds once they available to you.

We will be up front with you in relation to fees. We do ask that you are up front with us in terms of your expectations and in terms of anything that might affect your ability to pay legal fees.

If you have any questions in relation to fees, we strongly encourage you to ask your MacDonald Law solicitor - they will be only too happy to answer your queries.

Be sure to check out our current special offers for basic wills and basic conveyancing.

MacDonald Law Fixed Fee Examples


$550 including GST if no children under 18 at time of filing. 

$770 including GST if children under 18 at time of filing. 

(plus filing fee and disbursements such as service fees)



Drink driving plea of guilty - $660 including GST.

Simple plea of guilty - $770 including GST. (includes one conference, one court date, less than 5 charges).

Complex plea of guilty - $1,650 including GST (includes up to two conferences, negotiations, more than 5 charges, up to 2 court dates).

Application for work licence or special hardship licence - $1,650 including GST (includes preparation of applicant's affidavit, preparation of affidavit of employer, up to two court appearances).



Sale - $660 including GST (plus any search fees or outlays at our cost).

Purchase - $770 including GST (plus any search fees and outlays at our cost). 



Simple Will - Single - $330 including GST.

Simple Will and Enduring Power of attorney combo - $440 including GST. 

Simple Will and enduring powers of attorney combo for a couple - $550 including GST for all four documents. 



If documents provided more than 24 hours prior to the appointment - $220 including GST.

If documents provided less than 24 hours prior to the appointment - $330 including GST.